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Loh Kwek Leong 
Title:  How to Make a Spawning Mop

Summary: Detailed photographic instructions.
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Date first published:  2004
Publication: Loh's web site

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How to Make a Spawning Mop

by Loh Kwek Leong  of Singapore
Visit Loh's for information on killifish keeping.

mop00.jpg (8468 bytes)   Buy a skein of acrylic yarn. Choose a yarn that is dark in colour as it would be easier to find the eggs later. Soak the whole skein in boiling water for a while to sterilise it and to remove any residue dye. Soaking the skein in boiling water will also make it easier for the mop to sink in water.

mop01.jpg (9552 bytes)   Find a hardcover book, the length of which should be about the height of your breeding tank. Cut off a small strand of yarn and lay it across the width of the book.

mop02.jpg (8079 bytes)   Wind the yarn around the length of the book. Go round about a hundred times. Cut off the yarn from the skein.

mop03.jpg (9161 bytes)   Using the strand of yarn that was laid across the width of the book, tie a knot somewhere in the middle.

mop04.jpg (9405 bytes)   Flip the book over and cut the yarn somewhere in the middle.

mop05.jpg (8738 bytes)   What you get now is something like a mop.

mop06.jpg (9072 bytes)   Use another short strand of yarn to tie the mop somewhere near the top. I

mop07.jpg (8521 bytes)   If you want the mop to float, tie a piece of cork on top of the mop. Your floating spawning mop is now complete.

mop08.jpg (17789 bytes)   Many thanks to William Shenefelt for the information on his website at: "", from which I learnt how to make a spawning mop.

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